Technical Data

The e-zbar (PATENT PENDING) is a rebar positioning device that incorporates a traditional z-bar spacer and two wall chairs into one assembly.  The e-zbar snaps into place and the latches close to prevent dislodgement during the course of construction.  The latches can be lifted manually and the e-zbar removed and reinstalled if needed.

The e-zbar is custom designed for job specific concrete coverage, rebar sizes, and wall thicknesses.  Components are cut from 10 gauge material using a CNC plasma machine and are available in carbon, stainless, galvanized, or epoxy coated.  The bars are engineered to withstand an outward pull of 1650 lbs.

The bumpers are injection molded using HDPE and are designed to minimize surface contact.  The assembly has been engineered to prevent the accidental removal of bumpers from the assembly.

Metal Frame and Latches
Dimensional tolerance:  .015”
Material thickness:  .1345”
Outward shear strength:  1,650 lbs.
MOC:  Hot rolled or Stainless steel
Finishes:  Bare, galvanized, epoxy coated.

MOC:  High Density Polyethylene
Dimensional tolerance:  .0075”
Color:  White


MOC:  Mild steel
Size:  3/16” Semi-tubular