Effortlessly position your wall steel

Close up your forms sooner

Move your project ahead

The purpose of the E-Z BAR is to hold the required spacing between the reinforcing steel and formwork. Our spreaders are cut to length on the jobsite and assembled with the corresponding clips to match your wall steel. The same components work for single and double matt walls eliminating waste at the end of the job. Our design works with any wall configuration of sizes #4 through #8 rebar.


E-ZBar eliminates costly labor and provides greater control. E-ZBar is easily installed and meets all standards set forth by CRSI and ACI 315. Call or e-mail today for your free samples.

Download Technical Data Sheet

Everyone on your management team will see added value by using the E-ZBAR:

  • QC inspector sees accurately spaced wall steel with proper concrete coverage every time.
  • Safety manager sees reduced exposure time for employees working at heights.
  • Project manager sees savings in labor and material.
The Foreman and crew will notice at the end of the day that they have improved Safety, Quality, and Productivity with minimal effort, and that is what we are about at E-ZBAR.