About Us

In 2009, the design for the original E-ZBAR rebar spreader was finalized and we began the patent process and bought equipment to produce our custom-made spreaders. We tested the first E-ZBAR on our own projects and refined the design several times before debuting our product at World of Concrete in 2011. We were awarded the Most Innovative Product-Editor's Choice in the Concrete Construction Materials category.

2019 Most Innovative Products Winner - World Of Concrete

We had a lot of interest in our product and they worked great, but we knew we needed to make improvements.

The most common feedback we received from customers and tradeshows was:

  • You need to make it cost less. The average price at the time was $4.00.
  • You need to make it universal. Customers did not want to custom order rebar spreaders for each project and distributors could not stock our product because there are no standard sizes, everything was custom made to order.
  • You need to make something that will work for a single matt wall. Our original design only worked on double matt walls.

In 2016

, we came up with our current design using the coil rod core and we received our second patent in 2017. This design concept addressed the three main points of feedback we had been receiving over the years.

E-ZBAR Single Matt
E-ZBAR Double Matt
  • The average price dropped from $4/ea. to $2.25/ea.
  • The new coil rod design allows for any wall configuration while using the same components that can be assembled by the end user or distributor.
  • Our new design works for single matt walls, double matt walls, or as a stand-alone support.

We prototyped, tested and began manufacturing our new spreaders in 2018 and debuted our new products at World of Concrete 2019. We were awarded the Most Innovative Product Award-Industry Choice for Concrete Construction Materials. We have been working on building our customer base and forming relationships with distributors and sales representatives.

In 2019

, we requested the Bar Supports Committee of the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute to add a category to their list of bar supports that would recognize our new design. The category CBCS (Combination Bar Clip and Spreader) was added to the table of steel supports and CBCS-V (Combination Bar Clip and Spreader – Variable) was added to the list of plastic supports. In 2019, we also received our third patent for a device to position rigid insulation in a wall cavity.

In an effort to continue development and create solutions for the industry, we have also applied for a patent for a stake-less step form system for use in slabs and a universal bolt template.