Grade Beam FormGrade Beam Form

The E-ZBAR Stay in Place Trench Form allows the user to build the cage of reinforcing steel and securely attach user supplied soil retainer panels to the rebar cage using our coil rod, rebar clips and retainer clips. The entire assembly can then be lowered into the over-excavated trench. The void between the stay in place form and the side of the trench is then filled with sand or other granular material that will support the soil retainer panels when filled with concrete. The E-ZBAR will maintain the critical dimensions of the concrete beam while preventing the soil retainer panels from collapsing due to the pressure from the granular fill. Our system will meet the quality requirements of a formed structure without the added time and expense of using traditional concrete forms. The entire system stays in the ground, eliminating the work of stripping concrete forms and backfilling the area.

The E-ZBAR system is especially tailored to parts of the country where expansive soils require void forms and/or soil retainers. The E-ZBAR Stay in Place Trench Form System is the only commercially available product that allows the end user to integrate the reinforcing steel and soil retainer panels into one assembly that can be pre-assembled and installed as one unit. Our system will virtually eliminate weather delays in grade beam forming applications by reducing the time the trench needs to remain open.