Rebar Spreader

The E-ZBAR rebar spreader is designed to position reinforcing steel in concrete walls. When used in a double matt wall our supports eliminate two side form spacers and one fabricated rebar spreader and combine those three components into one assembly that can be prefabricated for a fast and secure installation.

The same components work for single matt walls and allow the installer to position the wall steel in the center of the wall or with offset coverage.

Rebar Spreader
  • The E-ZBAR Combination Bar Clip and Spreader will support any configuration of wall rebar in sizes 4-8 in a single or double matt configuration.
  • Our supports also act as a form spreader for wall forming systems with no internal spreading action.
  • Use our retainer clips to mechanically connect the reinforcing steel to the formwork. Our system will withstand 350# of pull.
  • Our system eliminates the congestion caused by traditional side form spacers.
  • The average installed cost at each support location for the E-ZBAR is under $ 4.00 compared to $8-$10 per support location for traditional methods.
Rebar Spreader